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4Leg Walking Robot
C&C Workshop, Jan 2009.

Manoj Krishna
BMSCE, Bangalore.


Creepers & Crawlers Workshop,
10-12th Jan 2009

Thank you for your interest in our BASIC ROBOTICS Workshop. The Workshop IS for ABSOLUTE begginers like you!

There is a physical logistics limit to the no. of participants to the workshop; That is the reason for the First come First confirmed stand by us.

The Workshop is an INFORMAL, non-commercial indulgence of BangaloreRobotics & Docel Radio Research. bias criteria except that of "Genuine Interest". The Gurukula concept of our endeavour is focused on maximum benefit with minimum frills; we dont believe in unnecessary expenditures and the resultant enhanced Fees.

For details, here is the gist of our workshop:

1. Your Intent is treated as Regn. on First come First basis, and confirmed on receipt of the Course fee.
You can send your Course Fee ONLY if you received our acknowledgement to your first mail/enquiry.

2. The workshop is for3 days 10-12 2007, 9:30AM to 5:00PM.

3. BASIC ROBOTICS 10-11 Feb 2007.

The Take-Home kit consists of

a. Motors/gearbox assembly
b. Modular PCB / Platform
c. ATMEGA8 Microcontroller PCB, ProgrammerPCB.
d. IC Motor Driver
e. Sensors- Visible and IR.
f. Wireless TxRx
g. CD with useful data / Progs.

4. CREEPERS & CLIMBERS 12 Feb 2007

This is an advanced course for a Team Of 2 members.

a. DC geared Motors for assembly of Stair Climber and 2 Motor legged Robot.
b. Mechanical appendages and platform
c. Rubber tracks (Belts)
d. Wheels
c. Wireless TX RX
e. Sensors

5. The all important fee is:

I BASIC ROBOTICS 10-11 Feb 2007.
Students: INR 2000/-
Others : INR 2500/-


Students: INR 2500/- [Team of 2 members]
Others : INR 3500/-

III For Both Modules:
INR 4000/- and INR 5000/-

6. Registration Confirmation:
    A). Cash deposit @ ICICI bank to Dr. G. Venkatesh

S/B no.

    B). Personal , at the above address.

Please fill up your Personal Details:

Brief Intro:

Anything else...? :

DD no./ Date:

Source of info:

Venue: BangaloreRobotics

No. 82, 4th cross LIC colony,
III Block east Jayanagar,
Bangalore 560011,

It would be a pleasure to have all of you under our fold.

Good luck and Regards.


Dr. G. Venkatesh, +919945969964
bangalorerobotics - Docel Radio Research inc.,


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